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I’ll tell you – the sky is falling!  THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

OK, it’s not *really* falling, but on the other hand, thngs are running a little roughshot here in the NVT Studios today.  You see:

eNVy is not feeling her best, so instead of making the trip to the studio, she’ll be calling in.  His Happy Pet has a sport mom thing to do tonight that she can’t get out of to start the show, if she can get out at all.  Wallstreet and Pretty Tied Up are not in studio tonight for personal reasons, and KMFD Mike and OrchidFyre are going to be remoting into the studio via Skype moving forward.

What does that mean for us?  Well, it means Sal and I are going to be in studio, along with Chapin, and Cynric and anyone else who decides to surprise us.

Topics tonight?  Who knows…  We had some good stuff planned for a group discussion – but if the group isn’t here I might decide to hold it off until we have more in studio.

SO – we’re flying by the seat of our pants tonight!  Join us!  It’ll either be a clusterfuck or a great show – but no matter what, it’s always an adventure with our friends!

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