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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the K 101 Podcast!  PLEASE – read to the end, Swingers, and Kinksters alike!  🙂

We’re getting a lot of feedback as to not being able to find the feed readily.  So with that in mind:

Click this link for Mr. NVT’s Twitter page.  From there, you can access ALL previous shows – EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT.  In addition, we’ll be updating the archived shows list very soon.  (2 NOTES:  A.  Some browsers won’t allow you to click on the video itself, but if you click *just below* the video in the title area, you’ll see the the cursor changes to a clickable area which will open a new tab to view the show.  B.  If you wanted to participate in the chat feature for the show, you must have a Twitter account.)  

AS FOR TONIGHT’S SHOW (this link also goes to Mr. NVT’s page for now, BUT will redirect to the actual feed when we go live around 6:50 pm; the show will start at 7 pm.)

In studio tonight we’ll have Tiberius, Cynric, Pretty Tied Up, Wallstreet, and I’m sure more!

Tonight we’ll have the online munch, and we want to discuss a couple of things… First, we’ll jump into kink and Star Wars because we had a funny conversation in the production meeting, but we also want to discuss how we police each other in the BDSM and Kink community – is it OK to “blacklist” within your personal circle, or publicly accuse someone on Fetlife for being unsafe?

We might even get into another version of an “AMA” (ask me anything) – where we open the questions up to ANYONE in studio…  We’ll see if we have the time…

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support, on both Patreon, and through our Affiliates page.  Monthly donations are VERY helpful, but if you’d rather not make a monthly donation and still want to contribute – purchases made through our affiliates give the show a small commission and that’s just as good!  Every little bit helps!

So, join us tonight, and participate in the conversation!  We know the show is long, and we don’t expect everyone to hang with us all night… but even spending a part of your Wednesday evening with us is always a bright spot in our week!

See you soon!