Podcast Post! April 5, 2017

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Here ya go!  Wednesday’s link to our archived post on YouTube.

The 4 1/2 hour K 101 Podcast – recorded April 5, 2017.

Yes, we are aware the video stutters at one point in the first half hour and causes a delay which puts about 15 seconds between the video and audio channels.  We’re working on a fix.

Interview with –wallstreet– begins around the 40-minute mark, and is pretty damn interesting as a male who identifies as a submissive – and gives us a great perspective on his views and what misnomers he’d love to dispel about how he identifies.

Around 2:20:00, you get to see OrchidFyre put her bra on me in studio.

The 3rd hour, things start REALLY going off the rails in the most hysterical fashion.

If you start at 2:59:45 and let it roll you’ll get to HEAR –wallstreet– the  guy who doesn’t drink – demonstrate his being a masochist before you actually see it (about 15 seconds later.)

PetiteCheri  gives a little mini dance for us around 3:08:25 during a break.

At 3:11:30 we start the real-life sexual bloopers segment.