Hi all!  Welcome to the Halloween show for 2017! Sorry for the late post… we’re running behind today – but what else is new, right? Click here for tonight’s show!  (Link [...]


Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of the K 101 Podcast!  PLEASE – read to the end, Swingers, and Kinksters alike!  🙂 We’re getting a lot of feedback as to not being able [...]

The K 101 Podcast for 11-October-2017

Another week and another installment of the K 101 Podcast! So much to go over this week, and we have a FULL HOUSE on the schedule!  Joining eNVy and I, and Sal on the boards, we’ll have [...]

The Show with a Special Message…

…directed to the COWARD who reported last week’s show for nudity and sexual content, subsequently killing the live feed by YouTube 3.5 hours into the episode. Friends, you DEFINITELY [...]