The Late Post for the Show of 29-Nov-2017

So yeah, as most of you probably saw / heard / experienced, Microsoft had a pretty major update recently – and it caused a delay starting the show on time.  Not just a delay, mind you; but [...]

Show Topics for 15-November-2017

Hello all!  Thanks for joining us for another episode of the K 101 Podcast!  CLICK HERE for the link to tonight’s show.  (Link will go live around 6:50 PM, show starts at 7 PM.) In addition [...]

The Show for 8-November-2017

First of all, if you haven’t followed us on Twitter – get ‘er done. @Mr_NVT and @Sillykitten815  You can find links to all the latest shows on Mr. NVT’s feed. It’s [...]


Hi all! Sorry for the late post… we’re running behind today – but what else is new, right? Click here for tonight’s show!  (Link goes live around 6:45 pm) Topics tonight [...]