The K101 Podcast for 26-Dec-2018

So, here’s the deal. Sorry for the delay in posting this. We are currently having a difficult time getting the video file uploaded to YouTube. Not because we’re blocked or anything [...]

The K101 Podcast for 19-Dec-2018

Welcome to another edition of the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast!  (Note:  YouTube feed crashed 20 min into initial broadcast. Link has been updated to second show. Which is being trimmed to get [...]

The K101 Podcast for 12-December-2018

Hello everyone!  Welcome to another edition of the K101 Podcast! This week’s show can be below!  This week’s show is NOT live, so you will find it edited down for your viewing [...]

The K101 Podcast for 5-Dec-2018

Well, we’re winding up 2018 with only a few more shows to go! We’re launching the new format for the show tonight!  This week is the live show!  (Next week’s show will NOT have [...]