The NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast for 31-Aug-2019

Things get HOT today! We discuss Fire Cupping and Fire Massage! Premieres at 10 AM EDT! No LIVE calls today, but you can always leave us a message! 717.925.0603 We WILL have a LIVE CHAT – [...]

The (Late Post for the) NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast for 28-Aug-2019

In an effort to do this quickly… This week’s Livestream was the 3rd and final installment of our Safe/Sane/Consensual Series. We covered a lot, and rather than ramble on about it here [...]

The NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast’s 1st Annual “Tase-A-Thon”

As we wrap up “National Consent Month” – what better way to raise money for a worthy cause, than to have our resident pain slut and male submissive -Wallstreet- eagerly [...]

The K101 Podcast for 24-Aug-2019

We’re going to start this post with just a quick note. Whoever wrote this article, while obviously well-intentioned, didn’t do a very thorough job at uncovering much – let alone [...]

The K101 Podcast for 21-Aug-2019

Tonight PennyGurl and A Brit Kinky join us in-studio for another installment of our “K101 Hot Seat Questions.” We produce these segments especially for newer community members who [...]

The K101 Podcast for 17-Aug-2019

When a Dom and a Switch walk into a relationship… It sounds like the beginning of a joke – but it’s really not. It’s a call for some relationship advice here, and we [...]

The K101 Podcast for 14-Aug-2019

This week we get to Part 2 of our ongoing series on what it means to be Safe. Sane. Consensual. in Kink and Fetish lifestyles. We’ll cover what it means to us, and we’ll share our own [...]

The K101 Podcast for 3-Aug-2019

Well, we’re here with the new format. Of course – as with anything new we here at the NonVanillaTryst K101 Studios attempt – change does not come without its fair share of [...]