30-August-2017 The “Make Up for Last Week” Show

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UGH…..  Talk about a clusterfuck last week.  Things were going great until we go to light up the feed – and we realize, THE INTERNET IS DOWN.

If you’ve ever watched us, you know this is the sort of shit we deal with pretty regularly; there ALWAYS seems to be one fire or another that needs put out with our show.  LOL

…but THIS – this was different.  There was NO fixing it.  So we called Comcast Business…  20 minutes later we get to the actual fix.

“The gateway router is dead.  We can send someone out there tomorrow between 10a – 12p.”

*sad trombone*

But now it’s  Wednesday of this week!   So that means it’s time for the Make Up show!

Fortunately, the gang is all back!  KMFDMike, Pretty Tied Up, Wallstreet, and His Happy Pet are all here.  PLUS, we’re looking forward to potentially having Cynric, Tiberious and his wife, and maybe even more!

CLICK HERE for the link to the live feed!! (Link becomes active about 15 minutes before the show starts.)

Tonight, we’ll do the online munch, and we’ll get back to a topic that was scheduled for our last show, but got bumped because we had to put Ochelle on the spot the week before.

“How do you reconcile your religious beliefs with living in the lifestyle?”

We’ll have call-in’s from Argentina, and from around our hometown, I’m sure.

If you had something you’d like to add to the show, wanted to discuss, or had a question at all, you’re encouraged to call in on Skype, or join us on the live chat during the podcast.

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