Mr. NVT and eNVy were HS sweethearts.  They met at age 16, and dated for about 2 ½ years.  As with most young love, their bedroom was a passionate one, full of discovery and excitement; and there were many adventures.  However, growing up in the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County, PA in the late 80’s, sexual repression was rampant; promiscuity and experimentation were frowned upon in light of the terrifying STD crises of the time, and the powers that be ultimately drove a wedge between their young love.  

Through college and their early 20’s, a few sordid encounters and escapades ensued between them, and then Mr. NVT joined the military.  Upon returning, they ran into one another at a local watering hole, and the news was discovered that eNVy was engaged. Thinking that was the end of it, the two went their separate ways, like two ships in the night, and 16 years would pass until they found each other once again.

Both being in unhappy marriages, Mr. NVT and eNVy ran into each other again in 2007, and rekindled their connection, first as friends, then ultimately as lovers in 2008.  

At this time, Mr. NVT was fully immersed and familiar with the BDSM and fetish lifestyles, and through discussion, both felt it was very important to be clear about what they wanted in the bedroom.  After a very short time, it became clear to them that they had been right all along – and – had they been left to their own devices all those years ago, they wouldn’t have missed those 16 years without one another.  

So, in an effort to make sure that no one else ever has to miss time with “their perfect,”  Mr. NVT and eNVy started their own “munch” on a popular BDSM social network, and now host this website and a Kink / BDSM / Fetish / Swinger / Sex-Positive Podcast – where anyone can come and learn about whatever they desire, in a safe environment.   

You can find Mr. NVT on Fetlife as well as follow him on Twitter.

You can also find eNVy on Fetlife, and follow her on Twitter here.

Or check out their Couples Profile on Kasidie here!

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SAL is the Producer, Sound Engineer, and one of the IT technicians of theNonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast; as well as being the owner of Match Grade Studios, where the show is created.  He’s been in the field of audio production and sound engineering, for both live and recorded performances,  for over 30 years.




KMFDMike is Mr. NVT’s “brother from another mother,” and you’ll often find him gracing the studio either in the Penis Gallery, or sitting in the “Chair of Honor.”  He has been in the lifestyle for just under a decade, and has a strong background in theater, and I.T.

A social hurricane, he can often be found leading local pub crawls, food / eatery crawls, organizing munch events, or moderating various online groups.  He’s an avid gamer, and photographer.

You can find him on Twitter @KMFDMike102 or on his Fetlife profile.

Wallstreet is the absolute worst introvert you’re ever going to meet.  He’s a devoted husband, an avowed atheist, and is ridiculously good with numbers and even better at Trivia.

IF you can pry him away from his cats and couch, you will find also find him in the Penis Gallery, or in the Chair of Honor, artfully throwing kerosene on every argument and debate that occurs in-studio.  When outside the home, and not in the studio, he also moderates various online social network groups and hosts munch events.  Always the student, Wallstreet loves to question everything – in an effort to grow as a person, and become a better version of himself.  On the other hand, he’ll then burn down everything he doesn’t agree with.

Find him on Twitter @wallstreet711, or on his FetLife profile here.  He would love to answer your questions during the show, so don’t hesitate to ask them.