Another “Make Up For Last Week” Show, 27-Sept-2017

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As with any new venture, there are occasionally growing pains.  Sometimes, these pains are financial.  Sometimes, they come in the form of missing resources.  Sometimes, they just come as logistical nightmares.

The latter of those calamities, is the case of our missing podcast for last week.  We are having a similar issue this week, but we’ve found a way to overcome it.

Here is the link to tonight’s show!  (Link redirects to our live feed around 6:45 PM)  Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

This week, we’ll talk about things that we missed last week, we’ll have our online munch, we’ll have a Q&A for eNVy and I, and I’m still holding out hope for a surprise guest in studio – whom I haven’t been able to get in touch with all day.

Keep your fingers crossed – it’ll be one hell of a show if we can get her to come out and join us.

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Finally – if you haven’t called into the show on Skype, or joined us on the chat while the show is live – please do so!  The show is so much better (and a lot more helpful to new people) when we get to interact with our subscribers.