The K101 Podcast for 17-July-2019

Pay attention. I don’t care how you got here. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or your 73rd – that part is irrelevant. THIS show – this show is one [...]

The K101 Podcast for 10-July-2019

Producer’s Note: It always seems as the night goes on, in managing the chaos that is our show, our evening somehow turns into a party in the studio; and everyone gets a little more [...]

The K101 Podcast for 3-July-2019

And we’re back on our regular schedule! (We never left it, really…) Tonight we continue our series on the deep dive on fellow YouTube creator Nadia Bokody’s “13 Facts [...]

The K101 Podcast for …29-June-2019?!? (SURPRISE SHOW!!)

But…but… HOW CAN THIS BE?!? Well, we told everyone we were going to be at the Korral on the 29th of June, what we didn’t mention was that we were going to do the show LIVE! If [...]


The K101 Team

Reach out to us through our personal Twitter Accounts: (Profiles May be NSFW) Mr. NVT – Host. Husband, Father, Dominant, Rigger, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Divemaster, Debauchery [...]

The K101 Podcast for 26-June-2019

Welcome to the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast! Please Like, Subscribe, and Share with like-minded individuals!! DON’T FORGET TO HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL! Tonight’s weekly show content [...]

The K101 Podcast for 19-June-2019

Tonight’s show is all about the kink – especially for you who are new to the community! (We’re looking at YOU, swingers!) πŸ˜‰ Oh, and be sure to stay tuned in as long as you can, [...]

The K101 Podcast for 12-June-2019

Our first topic is discussing how playtime starts. Are there indicators from your partner that you look for? What methods do YOU use to signal or initiate playtime with your spouse or significant [...]

The K101 Podcast for 5-June-2019

Are we half way through the year already?!?!? Before getting started on this week’s episode, we wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for all your support and love over the last six months. [...]

The K101 Podcast for 29-May-2019

Tonight – we start tonight’s show where we left off last week, with KMFDMike testing out more of the new questions he’d like the K101 team to consider. Then we host Allie in-studio [...]