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FIRST – THANK YOU for the notes of support, be them directly, through our website or through social media.  They are much appreciated.  Despite the morality police reporting our channel, we **still** aren’t giving up.

Haters are gonna hate.  Trolls are gonna troll. Be strong.

We are aware of the issues with Periscope and the suspension of our channel.  As of 31-October-2018, the channel appears to be active again, but last week’s show is still deleted.  We have reached out to Periscope Support again, and hope to hear back from them soon.

In addition, in case Periscope declines our appeal, we have plans in place for a new channel on a different platform, and are looking at working through multiple streaming services for video.

Finally, we have immediate plans to make our podcast available in audio format through the Scott Will Kill You podcast network on your favorite streaming services.  This way you can watch the show live, or you can listen to the stream later if that’s better for you.

We will keep you posted on all our developments.