Coming This Wednesday!

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Hi Gang! We’re really looking forward to this week’s show! In it, you can expect:

On The Spot Interview with Veritas_I_Am and His_Happy_Pet, (you can find them on Twitter Here and here, respectively.)

We’re going to do a new segment, which was bumped from last week’s show due to time constraints) called “View From the Bottom” that we’re really looking forward to. To add to that, -wallstreet- had such a great time last week, I believe he’s going to join us in studio again, so the conversation should be stellar.

And while she won’t be joining us this week, we also had a great talk with PetiteCheri about coming out to her mother… and felt it would be a good topic to revisit and even open the show up to callers who might want to share their story.

We didn’t get to Sex and BDSM In the News last week, so it’s DEFINITELY on the schedule, and I believe we’re going to visit the idea of a “Kink of the Week” segment, where we can talk about one Kink / Fetish that people want to learn about.

PLEASE, comment below, or send us a message on our Contact Us page if you wanted to contribute to the show!