Fireworks Hangover? The K 101 Podcast for 5-July-2017

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Even with the short week, we have a pretty fun show lined up just for you!

NonVanillaTryst Studios and the K 101 Podcast!  (link goes to channel page and will be redirected to the actual show after feed goes live at 7 PM.)

Scheduled to join us in studio are His Happy Pet, the Doll Is Trouble, Pantalones Descarado, and her beau! Unfortunately,  Wallstreet and Pretty Tied Up are still in Europe this week, (tonight it’s Paris, I believe,) but the show is still going on!

We’ll start as usual with the online munch, where we’ll discuss a few topics.  The three currently on the table are; your all-time favorite positions and why, the desire some people have of making their own sex-videos, and VR Porn.

Then we’ll dive into two stories for Sex and BDSM In the News, where we’ll discuss a Texas Nude Maid Service, and also the safety of Fisting, Face-Sitting, and other sex acts that were seriously considered to be banned in porn in the UK.  Maybe we can have Wallstreet and Pretty Tied Up’s trip across the pond verify if they have access to said porn.


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PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Tonight’s show will be relatively short, we plan to be off-air by 10 pm EDT.  Also, there will be NO PODCAST next week.  Sal has to break down the studio after tonight’s podcast for a sound engineering gig in State College all next week.