Going LIVE tonight at 7pm EDT!

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We’ll update this post as the night goes on, so be sure to keep checking the link below!  We *think* the setup will allow you to set a reminder on your YouTube!

K 101 LIVE Podcast!  Click Here to Join Us!


REAL QUICK, because of content, we have made our YouTube channel +18 age restricted.  Therefore, you will NEED to sign-in before you can watch the show.  

Tonight Mr. NVT and eNVy welcome back Zorro Daddy to the studio, so we can discuss some of the misconceptions of age play, and shed a little light on the ABDL lifestyle in general.

Doll is bringing a guest to the studio, and we understand he enjoys rope – so we’ll have lots to talk about on that subject.

We’ll have a few BDSM in the News stories to cover, which is always fun.

We FINALLY think we have the echo issue with Skype / studio phone lines worked out, so we’re planning on opening the phone lines during the second hour of the show.  (And I **just** got word that someone from Argentina might be calling in…)  😉

And although he hasn’t confirmed yet, I believe we might even have Tiberius join us this evening.