It’s Wednesday Night! Our Show for 31-May-2017

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Link to tonight’s show!

WAY back, in January of 2008, ZorroDaddy, NonVanillaTryst and I drove out to Lancaster, to find a group of people at the Prince St. Cafe on a cold Saturday night; we were about to attend our first munch.

The three of us were nervous, we had no idea what to expect. The place was crowded, it was very noisy, and we felt so vulnerable just walking into the place. Talk about intimidating.

While approaching the glass doors on Prince St. to walk in, it kind of felt – as if by magic – everyone in the establishment already knew exactly who we were, and what we were doing there. My Kitten squeezed my hand firmly as we proceeded up the steps and I pulled the door open to walk in.

Here we were, three friends with a secret, in this small town, and by simply walking through the door – we were about to tell complete strangers what this secret was. We knew nothing about them – other than there were a bunch of kinky people who were meeting, and they were going to talk about “the lifestyle.”   **GASP**

I have to admit, for almost a decade of our being “officially” out in the Lancaster BDSM scene, our time has been both eye-opening and so rewarding. SO MUCH has changed since then.

You all have helped create such a wonderful, and welcoming group. Which is why we started Date Night in the first place, about a year after walking into that noisy, cramped cafe for the very first time.

For the last 2 months, we’ve been pouring a lot of effort and work into the K 101 video podcast. We know we’re still trying to “find the voice of our show,” and we’re steadily hammering out what the best way to deliver that message is, and we really appreciate your patience as we grow.

What we do know is that we want our show to be an extension of the care and knowledge our community offers those who come out and join us at the munches personally.

I think it’s safe to say that most of our show’s in-studio guests, and call-ins have been our Date Night friends. Those with whom we’ve met personally, out at various munches over the years.

My Kitten and I were talking last night – and we’ve decided to do a “new segment.” We’re going to do it every week, for a month or so, to see how it goes.

We’re going to start the show with the standard opening, and then jump directly into calls. The first segment (or two, if needed) is going to be a version of an “online munch,” where YOU can call in, and discuss whatever you like. Questions for the staff? Have an embarrassing dilemma you want our opinion on? Great! Ask us!  We don’t care if you’re a swinger, kinkster, fetish guru, newbie, or old hand.

This will be particularly helpful for those of you who have been lurking in here for years and haven’t made it out to join us yet at our bi-weekly munches. Your reason for not attending doesn’t matter:  whether you work that night, you are too shy to come meet new people, you can’t drive, you can’t get away from the kids, you don’t want to risk losing your privacy, … it makes no difference. Being able to anonymously call in, and be a part of the conversation – is just as important as attending any munch.

SO – come back here to THIS PAGE around 7pm tonight.  Or, you can CLICK HERE to go directly to our page on YouTube – and hit the SUBSCRIBE button to be notified when we go live next!

On top of the “Online Munch” segment(s) (where we already have a topic to discuss) – we’re going to have our K 101 Adult Toy Review, then Mr. NVT is going to demonstrate a little “rope 101” by doing a couple of versions of a single column tie, and I believe the “Curmudgeon Crew” will be back this evening near the end of the show!

It’s going to be a GREAT ONE, and we SINCERELY HOPE you decide to join us for a while!


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