K 101 Podcast for 26-Sept-2018

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So, let’s just put this out there now…  Yes, we had some technical difficulties last week.  More than one.  Luckily, we have them under control this week – and to make up for the cluster #$@& of our last show, we’ve put together a real treat tonight!

Click here for Part 1 of the show!     (Programming note: There is a 13-minute break in the audio at the 30-minute mark.  Most of Part 1 is about going to your first munch.)

Of course, we had a bit of bad weather, and lost the feed with a flicker of power.  Click here for Part 2! (Programming note:  Part 2 begins with Keeping BDSM Discreet with your family.   We then get to our Weekly Hot Topic: “Name something that your partner can do in the bedroom that makes you think ‘they REALLY know what they’re doing in bed.’ ”  After that, we put Puckin’ Scotty in the New Guest Hot Seat and ask him all the questions!)

Tonight we’re going to start with a topic you’re bound to hear, especially when you’re new:  Getting out to a munch.  Yeah, the first time there are plenty of concerns – but we’re going to put your mind at ease.  We will discuss a few do’s and don’ts, and cover most of the things you can expect to see and encounter – so there’s no reason for you to avoid taking the leap.

Then we will go to a standard question eNVy and I get pretty regularly.  “How do you keep BDSM quiet and discreet in a house full of people?  In our home there are 2 teenagers, and our 20-year-old in the house regularly; plus we share a house with the in-laws: so finding time for “just us” can be difficult in and of itself.  Finding PLAY time, keep our 24/7 dynamic going, and keeping it all discreet?  Not as hard as you might think.

We’ll cover a new Weekly Hot Topic question after that – which could easily end up in the rotation of “Hot Seat Questions” for new studio guests….

Which brings us to the final bit – we have a new in-studio guest coming tonight, so we’ll see if we can’t get through a Hot Seat Segment for them!

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