K 101 Podcast for August 2nd, 2017

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Aaaaaand, we’re back!  Well, we will be – tomorrow night at 7 pm for another edition of the K 101 Podcast!

NonVanillaTryst Studios and the K 101 Podcast!  (link goes to channel page and will be redirected to the actual show right after the feed goes live just before 7 PM.)

If you’ve never called into the show on Skype, the lines are open during the online munch!  Feel free to chime in if you have something to add or have a question you’d like the in-studio group to consider or offer advice on!  And have no fear, when calling in ~ you can be completely anonymous.  🙂

(Search “Mr. NVT” or “nvtryst@gmail.com” in Skype contacts to get the studio account.)

If you haven’t followed us on Patreon yet, please do so.  Our patrons get all sorts of behind the scenes pics and videos, (even the FREE ones) and we’re working on even MORE content for our page as it grows!

We have -Wallstreet-, KMFDMike, and OrchidFyre, joining us in the studio tonight, as well as others who will stop in, I’m sure.

Topics to cover will include a couple of questions from a listener who wants to know about munch etiquette, what to expect at your first munch, and how to not come off as “a creeper.”

I’ll bust out a few more questions of “The Game” for those who are in studio, and if you wanted to participate in The Game, feel free to Skype in, or join us on the Live Chat, and play along!

We have a couple articles on Sex and BDSM in the News, however, us actually getting to them is still kind of up in the air.  Here’s hoping…