K101 Podcast for 30-Jan-2019

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So, we made this…

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First we’re going to do a bit of outreach and discuss a problem many in our sex-positive communities have to deal with when starting out. “How to discuss your kinky desires with a vanilla spouse.”

Understandably, vanilla spouses often have a negative knee-jerk reaction when it comes to any activities that fall outside the “mainstream,” mostly due to misinformation and social conditioning rooted in puritanical backgrounds. There are easy ways to break those stereotypes, and ease into trying new things. We’ll go over many of them.

Then we have a special guest!

If you’re not familiar with Scott Church or his work, you can check out his Patreon, his Twitter, or his profile on FetLife. Tonight, we go in-depth with Scott, discussing his photography, new projects, and he’s even going to take your questions LIVE in our studio!

That’s right! Call into the studio LIVE during the show either by using Skype (simply add “Mr. NVT” to your contact list), or by dialing the studio land line (717) 925.0603! Can’t call? Be sure to use our LIVE CHAT feature!

Unfortunately, we can only accept one landline call at a time, so we suggest using Skype to get through. Callers may stay 100% anonymous. Simply shoot us a message before calling in and let us know what screen name you’d like us to use.

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