K101 Podcast Show Announcement…UPDATED

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Hey guys.  It’s been a day week.

First, we knew that we wouldn’t have SAL on the boards tonight.  He is on vacation, but Pantalones Descarado offered to fill in for him so the show could go on and doesn’t return until tonight at midnight, well after the show and a day of traveling.

Next we lost Wallstreet, Pretty Tied Up, and OrchidFyre Wallstreet, Pretty Tied Up, OrchidFyre, and KMFD Mike.

Pretty thin in the studio at this point, but still doable so I am just going to call it *AGAIN* now.

Then today we lost eNVy too around 5pm.   (We never got her back, she’s not been feeling well for an entire week.)

No show this week, and we’ll resume with the show next week.  At least the show on Wednesday will be SPECTACULAR. (You know, if we can remember what each other looks like.)

If memory serves, we had a similar problem last year heading into the dog days of summer.  Maybe we’ll look into that for next year so we set the right expectations.