Live Show for 21-June-2017

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CLICK HERE FOR TONIGHT’S SHOW, (link goes to channel – and we will redirect when show goes live, around 7pm.)

Tonight’s episode will have another evening of the “Online Munch” (that’s a meet and greet for you swingers,) for those of you who have never been to one, you kind of get a look as to what they are and what people talk about at one.  The phone lines are open during the online munch, so do feel free to call in on Skype (Search for “Mr. NVT”) or jump on the live chat!

We’ll have our final installment of BDSM vs. Domestic Abuse – helping to identify the differences between the two for those who are new and might not understand how they are recognized.

We’re going to have a Toy Review this evening…

We also have a new announcement to share at the top of the 8pm hour!