Some Issues, New Content Coming, and Patreon

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Hey all!  Hoping you like the new digs around here on the website.  We have a FABULOUS new web design team, and they’ve been knocking it out of the park!   So, while there is a new feel, we’ll also have a few new features for you!

In case you hadn’t noticed yet – some prudish jackwagon reported us to YouTube for “community standard violations” and YouTube deleted the entire channel.  Yeah, almost a year of shows – gone.

The good news is we’re going back to our Periscope channel, where you’ll find some of our early shows from last year between October and Christmas.

If you haven’t been over to our Patreon Page – do be sure to stop by.  We’ve FINALLY figured out how to get the behind the scenes video clips up for you, and we also have started producing “sneak preview” content for our premium subscribers.  This week’s addition is Wallstreet’s new intro.  Sal and I worked on it last night and had a blast doing it!


(Psssst…. rumor has it that there’s also a video of Wallstreet in his home, on a dare in front of friends, going full tuck – doing his rendition of the Goodbye Horses scene from Silence of the Lambs…)


So, if you haven’t been over there in a while, now’s a great time to come back and support the show!


Finally – be sure to come visit us for our next show on 9-May-2018!  Sal and I have been working on a lot of improvements for the show, and he’s been killing it with some new video elements that are sure to please!