Mr. NVT has been a photographer since December 2009.  Here is just a sample of his work.  Most of his work is boudoir and fetish, but he has been known to shoot standard portraits and landscape work as well for clients.  His clientele covers a wide range, running from couples who want personal pictures done, to professional web portraits for attorneys, to first baby pictures, to senior pictures.  If you would like to inquire about his rates, please feel free to reach out on the Contact Us page.

You may also find his online portfolio on Model Society.  (Link opens in a separate tab.)  Do be sure to click on the “portfolio” tab when you get there.  😉

Note:  All images on this page, or anywhere else on the site are used with permission, and copyright protected.  Any form of downloading, copying, or redistribution of any images from this domain without written consent of the photographer are strictly and expressly forbidden, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Red Riding Hood or...
Visiting Crellarin Manor
Sunbathing Surprise
Being True
Wonderful Violets
Rising Phoenix
Thanksgiving Dinner Will Never Be The Same
Silent Reflection
Waiting For Love
Regal Rope
Silent Reflection
Viking Princess
Needs Fairy Wings
Self Portrait