Our 30-Day Sex Challenge

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Admittedly, this list has made the rounds on Reddit, and we found it through a link on Cosmopolitan.  We made a few changes to the list so it was a little more Kink / BDSM / Swinger friendly…  

Rules:  (modify as you see fit.)

  • Each partner gets 2 “veto” days.  If a partner wants to veto an activity and has no more veto privileges left, may use a veto from their partner, if that partner is willing to give their veto away. In return, the partner who gives up their veto is allowed to choose the new activity for the day.
  • You may change / modify any activities BEFORE the challenge to accommodate limits, but no changes to the challenge once it begins.
  • Activities can be done in any order.
  • Periods, business travel, sickness, etc., are treated as “pause days” and are added to the end.
  • The challenge should not exceed 40 days.

Below are the listed items, and we’ll be doing them as the month goes on, and checking them off as we go in a spreadsheet. At the end of the challenge, we’ll discuss the results during the show. 🙂

Item 1 – Have sex at a time other than your “regular time.”

Item 2 – Try a new sex position

Item 3 – Have sex twice in a day

Item 4 – Read erotica together before sex

Item 5 – Shower sex

Item 6 – Full body massage before sex

Item 7 – Quickie. 10 minutes or less

Item 8 – Road trip and car sex (road head counts, as long as both parties receive.)

Item 9 – Sex while seated on chair or sofa.  

Item 10 – Sensation Play – blindfolds optional (spanking, flogging, impact, feathers, etc..)

Item 11 – Oral sex only

Item 12 – One partner dominates

Item 13 – Bring your partner to orgasm (no intercourse).

Item 14 – Find a new place in the house for sex

Item 15 – Masturbate in front of each other

Item 16 – Rope Play

Item 17 – Use sex toys

Item 18 – Watch porn together

Item 19 – Sex without intercourse

Item 20 – Share fantasies by email / text / marco

Item 21 – Visit a sex store or strip club together

Item 22 – He brings her to orgasm, no intercourse. Hands, mouth, toys only

Item 23 – Take a breather… enjoy a night of vanilla sex

Item 24 – Sex game… dice, spinner, cards, or app

Item 25 – Slow it down sex

Item 26 – “Sneaky vanilla time” domination

Item 27 – Dinner out with under the table touching

Item 28 – Multiple orgasm day

Item 29 – Enjoy additional play partner(s)

Item 30 – Stay up all night having sex.