Podcast for week of April 12, 2017 – and a Minor bitch session about YouTube.

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Sometimes …  YouTube is a *real* PITA, and we’re working on another venue for where to put these files when we’re done streaming them…

For example, the morning after the stream, we usually go back to the link to re-watch the show.  This is so eNVy and I can take notes as to the things we like, and the things we didn’t like – in an effort to make the show better in the future.

So, the next morning, as I opened the link, the show dropped from 3:24 to 1:59… and cut off the first hour of the show.  Essentially eliminating the great interview we had with Veritas_I_Am.  It did so again yesterday, which caused me so much frustration, I drove back to the studio, to copy all the audio and video files from our main studio server, so I could just drag all the stuff back here; and assemble the show properly – and post it for all of you.

Those files are transferring as I type this (all 44 GB of them) …

Being the multi-tasker I am, I opened our YouTube video manager, on the other office computer – and low and behold – the ENTIRE video is up and available now.  No clipping.

BUT, there’s still a delay in the video of about 4 seconds.  Manageable, yes.  But still not perfect.

So, we’re going to spend a sizeable chunk of the day trying to figure out at a better system for you guys.

In the meantime, you can watch the entire 3:24:37 Podcast for the week of April 12, 2017 – RIGHT HERE.


Show begins at 11:27

Yes, the video freezes at 11:44 and doesn’t come back until 32:52.  Pretend you aren’t watching on YouTube, who for some reason hates our show.  At least the video delay doesn’t throw off the audio for the remainder of the show when it does come back, like it has in the past.

On The Spot Interview with Veritas I Am begins at 35 min mark.

At 1:26:55, Veritas drops a great point of wisdom that everyone in sex-positive relationships can use if questioned about their lifestyle.

At 1:32:23 – we jump into a quick Jazz discussion for music lovers.

At 1:42:15 – the inmates start running the asylum

At 1:45:30, we begin the View From the Bottom segments

At 2:04:45, it sounds as if TheDollisTrouble falls down a set of steps… very … slowly.

At 2:12:00, eNVy talks about discovering her submissive side.

At 2:15:15, wallstreet does the same.

At 2:34:45, wallstreet provides us a  great story for our Sex and BDSM in the News segment.

There’s a quick comedy segment from a great guy, and friend of the show Paul Bond starting around 2:57:30.


Paul Bond will be at the BORGATA, May 21-24 (Sun-Wed) and again on Friday the 26th.  (In this week’s show, we mistakenly said the show was at the Tropicana on May 17.  Clearly, we’re morons.)

Paul Bond will also be at the Stress Factory in Brunswick that Thursday, the 25th.