Rescheduling the K101 Podcast for 11-Sept-2019

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Hey all! So sorry for the short notice – but we need to bump Wednesday’s show to TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday 12-Sept-2019.  This is a “This Week Only!” sort of deal.   LOL

It was a production issue that we wanted to make sure that we had squared away before going live – and we’re REALLY hoping that the improvement we’re implementing will make the show better for you!

In addition, tomorrow’s show topic is going to be SWING vs. POLY … and we have an absolutely fantastic discussion lined up!  The phone lines (717) 925-0603 will be open, the Skype will be active (add Mr. NVT or to your contacts,) and the like the show itself – the chat will be LIVE!

Can’t join us or call in tomorrow night?  Have something to contribute?  Drop us an email at !!  We’d love to hear from you!