Show Topics for 15-November-2017

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Hello all!  Thanks for joining us for another episode of the K 101 Podcast!  CLICK HERE for the link to tonight’s show.  (Link will go live around 6:50 PM, show starts at 7 PM.)

In addition to the online munch, tonight’s topics include: 27 Things that men need to hurry up and learn about sex, when your fetishes and sexual desires don’t match up with your significant other, we’ll discuss the over / under on kink for the general population (the comments here are interesting,) and we might even delve into those who are ASEXUAL and how they relate to BDSM.

Here’s a wonderful picture of our eNVy, taken about 8 years ago…

© Robert Sleeper Photography LLC, 717.917.2858

Why am I sharing this?  Eh, just because you stopped by…  😉

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