So, The New Site Is Coming!!!

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Thank you, everyone, for being patient with me while I  learn professional audio production, as well as website design, all in one week – and still write for the show.

It’s funny – mostly because, putting all the K 101 stuff aside,  I’m a bit overwhelmed on the homefront too.  Amazingly, all this learning is almost therapeutic for me – and helps keep me sane.

That said, I lost one of my contacts today, rode in the car for an hour teaching my oldest daughter how to drive, had a doctor’s appointment for a new hernia that I discovered a few weeks ago that’s been causing a little discomfort, got the kids to and from school, then successfully avoided strangling my ex-wife, and even managed to get to the grocery store – while learning Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Audition AND putting together this website from scratch as of 11 am.

*takes a deep breath*

The good stuff?!?  The really bright parts of my day?  Two things.  First, “eNVy” and I had some wonderful sex this AM; and second, when I let my daughter drive, I made her drive me to the liquor store.  Seemed appropriate enough.

We’re doing the next live show tomorrow night (3/30) starting around 7 pm, and with any luck, we’ll have a couple of in-studio guests joining us.

Kick around the new digs here, and let us know how we can improve!