The April 19th, 2017 Podcast(s)

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So, yeah, it’s been a week, and I am *just now* getting around to posting the links to last week’s show.

It was a great show, even though it did go off the rails at the end (what with all the alcohol and good conversation we had all night.)  Yes, we know the video was stuttering the entire show, we’re hoping we have it fixed for the next show.

Here is the link to the first hour and twenty minutes.

This link is the following three hours and eight minutes – which just in a perpetual down spiral as the drinks flowed.  LOL

My favorite part?  00:36:30 of the first part of the show… we get into Pizza Porn.  Which was pretty funny.

Throughout the night, we continued to have a great discussion about the “switch” point of view.