The Clusterfuck that was April 26th, 2017

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Please let me start off by apologizing to all of you for the late start.  It was technical difficulties beyond our control, and I promise we’re working hard on getting those things resolved for future shows.

Said difficulties required us to change our platform for that show from YouTube to Periscope – which so far, has been a pleasant surprise.  We might even keep the show here, if it continues to serve.

SO, the links for last night’s show (in two parts,) if you happened to miss it due to the move:

April 26, 2017  Part 1    Runtime  1:08:36

April 26, 2017  Part 2    Runtime  2:05:50


Part 1

Show “starts” around 00:07:30

The ABDL segment and interview with ZorroDaddy begins at 00:22:15

Mr NVT has a great idea for an adult toy, and OCTrinity finishes with a great joke at 00:55:30

Part 2

Veritas_I_Am calls in from Argentina around 00:06:30

KnottyDesires calls in at 00:26:15

We come out of break and begin our interview with OCTrinity  at 00:38:00

Sex and BDSM News In Review segment sparked a great conversation to finish out the show about Feminism.  The link to the article is posted below.  That debacle starts at 01:24:00

“Men Are Giving Up On Marriage: ‘Women Aren’t Women Anymore'”