The K 101 Podcast for 10-October-2018

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Hi all!  Thanks again for tuning into the show! Like last week, we dropped the feed for some reason about 2 1/2 hours into the show.  Click this link for Part 1Click this link for Part 2.


A bunch of things packed in for tonight’s podcast!

We have three great discussions for you.  One is a predicament a Reddit user has found themselves in:  they unwittingly discovered a family member’s fetish, and know they are seeing a local sex worker in an effort to have that fetish desired fulfilled.  The problem is, they are very close to that family member’s spouse, and the spouse has no idea the family member a.) has the fetish and b.) is cheating on them to fulfill it with a sex worker.


Another discussion is about what you feel might be the underlying causes of the discernible increase in various LS groups’ activities (both swinger and kinky) that seem to correspond with the Halloween holiday and continue on through the New Year.


The last discussion is something you might have seen bouncing around Reddit / Fetlife / and other social media.  It comes on the heels of Houston’s city council voting down the robotic sex brothel that was slated to open a couple of weeks ago.   Would a BDSM Sex Robot Violate Azimov’s First Rule of Robotics?


We also have an Adult Toy Review that I currently believe is not for the faint of heart.  Wallstreet is going to discuss the new sounding rods the kink fairy delivered for him.  Not sure what a sounding fetish is?  Well, there’s google, or you can tune in!  *evil grins*


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