The K 101 Podcast for 11-April-2018

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After an audio malfunction during our last show right after the intro, we had a pretty fun show, and this week is going to be no exception (hopefully, barring any malfunctions – LOL)

Click Here for tonight’s show at 7 PM!  (Link goes live around 6:50 PM)

This week’s show will wrap up our scheduled interview with Pussy Galore.  New to the show?  She’s the lovely lady pictured here:

We’ll only have her for an hour, so make sure you don’t miss the final part of her interview!  (Here’s the link for her introduction during our last show, where she did her first full interview.)

Then we’ll revisit the parts of the show we missed last week, most notably the differences between SSC vs. RACK play.

We’ll discuss if Swingers are actually Kinky people in disguise… and of course our plan is to open up the phone lines for discussion!  Maybe we’ll have a toy review,  and then just see what else the evening brings!

If you haven’t called into the show yet – find us on Skype!  Search “Mr. NVT” and ask to be added as a contact.  You can use an anonymous name, or profile name from an anonymous account if you wanted.  Just let us know!