The K 101 Podcast for 12-September-2018

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Well everyone, it’s once again time for the K 101 Podcast.  Click here for tonight’s show!  (Link goes to Periscope channel.  Feed goes live around 6:50pm, show starts at 7pm.)

Tonight’s topics include DISPELLING SOME MYTHS ABOUT CHEATING that we all might currently believe (I know most of us did when we read this article.)

Plus we’re going old-school “KINK 101” for the newbies tonight, by reviewing some of the most common kinks in America.  Link to follow.  🙂

We might finish off with some more round-table discussion of potential hot seat questions, so do be sure to come back later in the week to finish the show; as all our shows are uploaded and saved to our Periscope channel.

PLEASE feel free to chime in on the chat, or even call in on Skype!  We’d love to hear from you!  Of course, you can remain anonymous if you like!  (Add:  “Mr NVT” to your contact list on Skype, and message us before calling if you’d like to remain anonymous.)

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