The K 101 Podcast for 24-October-2018

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We are aware of the issues with Periscope and the suspension of our channel.  As of 31-October-2018, the channel appears to be active again, but we have RE-UPLOADED the show to a temporary YouTube channel, while we create a workaround for our streaming issues.  The link below has been updated.




Have we got a show for tonight!  You’re definitely going to see a bunch of changes – hopefully, they’ll go off without a hitch.

As usual, the show starts at 7pm, and we’ll start the live feed at 6:50.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW!

Tonight’s show launches a new segment:  The answers to the K 101 FUQ!  (Frequent Ubiquitous Questions)  Tonight’s is the granddaddy of them all.  That first time your vanilla friends find out about your lifestyle and they want to know more.  “How does all that work?”

The second one we’ll cover is the standard follow up, “how do you manage jealousy?”

Then we’ll dive into the K 101 Weekly Hot Topic:  Cuffing Season

And finally – we have a great game for you to wrap up the show.  Our little twist on “Two Truths and a Lie.”

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