The K 101 Podcast for 26-July-2017

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Hello again!  We’re back tonight at 7 pm for another edition of the K 101 Podcast!   If you’ve never called in on Skype, the lines are open during the online munch!  Feel free to chime in if you have something to add.  🙂

(Search “Mr. NVT” or “” to get the studio line.)

If you haven’t followed us on Patreon yet, please do so.  Our patrons get all sorts of behind the scenes pics and videos.

NonVanillaTryst Studios and the K 101 Podcast!  (link goes to channel page and will be redirected to the actual show right after the feed goes live just before 7 PM.)

I believe we have -Wallstreet-, KMFDMike, and OrchidFyre, joining us in the studio tonight!

We’ll do the online munch, and discuss two articles that jumped out to me this week.

The first article covers a surprising find in a new study that looks into swinging and polyamorous relationships.

And apparently, there’s a new fetish out there – which is just an old fetish, but really expounded upon.   And we checked, there’s even porn for it.

We are hoping for a check-in from our friends in Argentina, and who knows what else the show will bring.

Hope you join us!