The K 101 Podcast for 29-August-2018

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As usual, we have what we feel is a very interesting show this week.

CLICK HERE for the feed.  (Feed will go live around 6:50 PM EDT, show starts around 7PM.)

I believe we have our first response to our new “Shower Editorial” segment, and I have no idea how it looks, or what it contains.  I believe SAL is the only person on staff who has seen this video.

We’re going to have three topics for BDSM and the Law.  The first is covering the thread on FetLife “Sex Parties.”  Basically, it’s a discussion about hosting a consensual sex party for kinky swingers, with a focus on strap-on play and pegging.  With new sex trafficking laws, the OP was worried about being charged with pandering in a small-conservative town.  We explain some worries away, but point out a few pitfalls to watch out for.

The second two articles are “I Am Not Caesar’s Wife” and in a related post, “We Make The Monsters.”  Both pieces discuss the fallout from incidents over consent, and those in the community who organize / teach / mentor / etc… (You will need to be a member of FetLife to view all three of these articles.  It’s free, and they’re great about your privacy.)

We will have at least one new guest in the studio, so we’ll have a chance to dig out some hot seat questions, and we’ll wrap up with the online munch!  You guys can hear all about Wallstreet’s Kilts and Corsets pub crawl, and how I said about something touching my nutsack in a 5-Star restaurant loud enough that everyone heard it.

No, you don’t want to miss this one.

Hell, if you wanted to see the pictures, we’ll try to get them up on Patreon Wednesday before the show so you have a visual reference.  Click the banner below, and consider offering a monthly donation.  There’s no obligation, and your donation can be as little as $1 / month!  (If everyone who watched the show gave just $1-$5 / mo., we’d have new cameras by Christmas, just sayin’.)