The K 101 Podcast for 31-January-2018

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Wow… let me tell you about the sh!t I caught for our last show!  Apparently, Wallstreet is going to unload on me tonight for it.  Should be interesting….

In addition, to add to this rhetoric, an article titled The Female Price of Male Pleasure that was brought up in our production meeting that will most likely be dragged into the conversation.  We’ll discuss…

CLICK HERE for the live link to the show.  (Link goes active around 6:50 PM EST.

Oh, and if you’ve been living under a rock, the Philadelphia Eagles are in Super Bowl LII this Sunday.  Considering most of our podcast staff are Eagle’s fans, we might show up in full gear.  Ya never know…

One more thing – THANK YOU for catching up with us and introducing yourselves when we’re out and about on the town.  It’s happened a few times now, where we let our listeners know where we’re going to be and when, and we meet listeners of the show.  Nothing makes us happier.  This Saturday, many of us will be running around the town of Lititz, PA during the day – as KMFDMike is running a “Kilts and Corsets” Pubcrawl … It shouldn’t be hard to find us.  LOL

Don’t forget to call in on Skype during the show, and follow us on Twitter @Mr_NVT and @Sillykitten815.  We love you guys!