The K 101 Podcast for 5-July-2018

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Wow, what a week!  Hope all of you celebrated safely and had a great time with family!  Obviously, being the holiday landed on our usual spot, we decided to bump the show back one day, and go live tonight instead.


CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW!  (link goes to our periscope channel, and will redirect to the live feed around 6:50 PM EDT)


Topics for tonight’s show?


Slut shaming and how one Super slut is taking back the term.

SUPER SLUT- my journey through sluthood


Non-Sexual Submission (reddit thread to discuss)

Nonsexual Submission? from BDSMAdvice


A very interesting article that we’re going to cover in a new BDSM in the NEWS segment!


Adult Toy Review: The Onn VR Headset from Wal-Mart ($5) on standard free video clips.


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