The K 101 Podcast for 6-June-2018

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Hey guys!  The link for tonight’s show is RIGHT HERE!  (Link redirects to the live broadcast around 6:50 PM.)

Well, we got a lot of positive feedback on last week’s game, so we’re going to give it another go, and try to make it better!

We are hoping to have two new guests in studio who are considering swinging for the first time, so we hope – as a group – we can answer all the questions they have, and possibly help those watching the show who might be in a similar situation and have the same questions.

We’re considering a toy review as well… being we lost all the previous reviews in “the great YouTube massacre,” it is time to start getting those reinstated on this channel.

Of course, we’ll start off with the online munch, and we’ll open the phone lines as usual.

Tonight’s show is again brought to you by our new favorite toy, the LUSH by Lovense.  It’s worth every penny.  Check it out!



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