The K 101 Podcast for Pi Day, 2018!! (3.14)

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Well, half the studio is out, with either travel or a sickness / feeling under the weather – but we’re still here, plugging away!

My darling eNVy is feeling MUCH better tonight than she was for the last show – so we’re going to put her through an “Ask Me Anything” right after the online munch.

Sal’s making “Bangers and Mash.”  He SAYS it’s because he’s Irish and it’s the last show before the St. Patrick’s Day holiday… but we all have a sneaking suspicion it’s for the “banger” jokes.

We have a couple of personal topics to talk about and share, and of course, we’ll be taking your calls!

CLICK HERE for the show on YouTube – and we’ll hope that no one decides to screw us over by reporting us as offensive.  (Link goes live around 6:50 pm.)

Hell, we **might** even have some big news to announce….  (No promises yet, but we shall see.)