The K101 Podcast for 13-Feb-2019

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Ahhh, welcome back for the Valentine’s Day episode. Well, not really. eNVy and I don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. We consider it a “Hallmark Holiday” designed to make you spend money on things your significant other shouldn’t be lacking in the first place.

Speaking of, eNVy, will not be in studio this evening. She’s been sick for over a week. 🙁 Lucky for me, @syn_kitty offered to keep the seat warm for her. On the off chance you missed her last week in-studio, she’s all about being an alternative model, rope bunny, fire performer, polyamory enthusiast, and she embraces the moniker all around mood-driven sexual deviant.

The pre-show runs for 10 minutes of the video, so skip ahead if you don’t need contact information for anyone, or want to avoid the great photography. 😉

If you can’t stick around to watch the video version, we like to remind you that you can catch all of our previous episodes by listening on Stitcher or iTunes. Or come back to this page to view the show, as we’ll embed the video afterward.

YOU ASKED and we answer. This week a subscriber posed a question to KMFDMike, basically asking “where are all the play parties, and how does one get invited?”

So, tonight, during the LIVE episode, we’re going to cover play parties. Where they occur, how do you find them, and what to expect; especially differences between public play spaces, like members only clubs and dungeons, private party invitations, and house parties. Sure we’ve covered this information before – but it’s always good to have refresher segments on basic topics, particularly for new people to the show.

Remember, this show is all about YOU, the audience. So, call into the studio LIVE during the show either by using Skype (simply add “Mr. NVT” to your contact list), or by dialing the studio land line (717) 925.0603! Can’t call? Be sure to use our LIVE CHAT feature!

Afterward, because it IS Valentine’s Day, we’ll discuss an entry from the Lovense Kink Blog; 8 Romantic BDSM Ideas – Loving and Lighter Ways to Get Kinky and see if we agree. This would be a great way for you swingers who don’t think you’re kinky, to give a listen and find a few ways you were probably already considering to spice up the bedroom.

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