The K101 Podcast for 14-November-2018

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Tonight’s podcast will be on a temporary YouTube channel while we work out the details.

It was a thin studio to be sure, but the content we got through was great!  There was kerosene thrown around the internet to be flamed by all!

Trigger Warning:  This show contains opinions that are on both sides of the spectrum, and covers an article on Broadly called “100 Ways Men Can Make Women’s Lives More Bearable.”  

Mr. NVT lets his “inner(?) misogynist” loose on the article written by a proclaimed feminist.   Wallstreet, guests in the chat, and callers do their best to help the old man check his privilege as we go through the list. Chapin and Pretty Tied Up successfully resist the urge to hurt Mr. NVT.   

Hilarity Ensues.