The K101 Podcast for 15-Aug-2018

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Holy Sh!t… it’s been a month. But HEY – WE’RE BACK!  Show agenda below the link.


CLICK HERE for the show! (Link goes to part 1.  Then we had a glitch in the feed.  Click here for part 2.)


After not being in-studio for a damn-near an entire month, we have SO MUCH to catch up on!  So PLEASE chime in on the live chat, or even call in on Skype!

We have TWO toy reviews scheduled:  (forgive the large break formatting after the image – I have no idea how to fix it.)

First, the one we’ve been trying to get to since the beginning of July.

Or find it here for ($5) from Wal-Mart.  It’s basically a viewfinder with earbuds for your phone, but when coupled with online porn…. that’s when the magic begins!

The second toy review will be the following set of anal plugs.

We tentatively have a surprise guest scheduled for an in-studio appearance.  (Hint:  You can go to THIS PAGE and she’s in at least one of the pictures.)

And we have more of the NEW potential “Hot Seat Questions” that cover everything from swinging, to anal, to describing your genitals, that we are going to discuss.

We’re even considering announcing a new segment for the show… depending on whether or not I get the video edited in time.  LOL

As usual, we always ask that you consider supporting your community by supporting our podcast!  An easy way is to purchase either of the toys above, as we get a small commission for each sale; or become one of our Patrons on Patreon!  Simply click the banner below…

We look forward to catching up with everyone!  See you tonight!