The K101 Podcast for 18-July-2018

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Boy oh boy, do we have a great show lined up for you guys!  HEY:  Read to the end, we have a great sponsor this week!

Do be sure to CLICK HERE for the feed!  (NOTE:  The pre-show audio file was somehow corrupted, so skip to the beginning of the show at 8m 10s.)

We’re moving into a bit of a format change this week.  In the past, we’d do the “Online Munch” for the first hour or so before getting into any of the serious articles.  For the next few weeks, we’re going to do just the first segment as introductions and a brief overview of the online munch, then table the casual discussion for the end of the show, so we can dive into the meaty subjects almost out of the gate.  Let us know what you think of the change!

We’ve put together a new list of questions for the Hot Seat, and as a group we’re going to take a few episodes over the next month or so, and discuss, to see if they warrant being added to the list we ask our guests.  I’ve found some doozies out there, ones that will trip the triggers of kinksters, swingers, and vanilla people alike!  Hopefully, we’ll start some GREAT conversations!  You guys are going to love these!

We need to take a step back to our last show and quickly revisit the Adult Toy Review that we missed because the host (yours truly) wouldn’t stay on target.

This episode’s Weekly Hot Topic again comes from Reddit, and is a question we hear a lot in the lifestyle.  “My wife and I are starting to get into BDSM, but how do I be a Dominant?”

After all that, we’ll see if we have time for any leftovers from the Opening Online Munch before wrapping up.

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Finally – if you didn’t want to become a monthly Patron, but still wanted to support the show, check out this week’s sponsor.

Motorhead - the Official Pleasure Collection

Yeah, that Motorhead.  Yup, they have a line of branded vibrators.  How can you not want a Motorhead Vibrator in your toybox?  It’s hysterical, is it not?  I never met Lemmy, but I can only imagine what he thinks of this from the great beyond.  Anyway, anytime you purchase any of your adult toys from our affiliates, a portion of the profits goes to support the show.

And your helping us to keep providing a place where people can come, explore, and ask all their questions is a good thing.  It helps everyone in our community stay safe, sane, and consensual.