The K101 Podcast for 19-Dec-2018

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Welcome to another edition of the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast! 

(Note:  YouTube feed crashed 20 min into initial broadcast. Link has been updated to second show. Which is being trimmed to get everything up to standards.)  

In case you didn’t know, you can now download the K101 Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher for listening on the go!

This week’s show is working out of the K101 Mailbag, in response to a series of questions we’ve received from a viewer who’s just breaking in to the lifestyles through our social media accounts; a private message conversation from a new community member in the Fetish / BDSM community, for your consumption – in particular – specific questions about how D/s relationships work?

The questions were stellar, and we’ll discuss the responses I offered, as well as go around the studio to see how everyone else feels about the topics.

Topics include: 

Displaying dominance

Being a submissive vs. being a doormat

How couples resolve arguments while in a Dominant / submissive relationship dynamic…

and finally, processing “feeling ‘bad’ about your personal sexual desires, even though you know there are plenty of others who would consider these activities ‘normal,’ and it’s just repressive culture that is making your sex life difficult.   


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