The K101 Podcast for 20-June-2018

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Heh… working on video elements.  LOL  Don’t miss what’s below the video.

I’ll tell you what – SAL and I (Mr. NVT) have had a very busy week making improvements to both the studio and the video elements for the show.  We’re REALLY excited about what we have in store for you moving forward, and just to be clear – these are only the beginning!

These changes possible are possible ONLY through the support of our viewers and community, through donations on our Patreon page and any commissions we might get through our Affiliate Sales.  (See the links below!)  So, a BIG THANK YOU to all who continue to support the show, so we can provide a safe place online where others can explore those sex-positive activities they desire without feeling judged.

CLICK HERE FOR TONIGHT’S SHOW!  (Link goes to main channel and then goes live around 6:50 PM EDT, show starts at 7.)

Tonight’s content:

Online Munch

Monogamy (Here’s a link to the 18-minute episode on YouTube that we’ll be referring to.)

A great article for our BDSM and the News Segment which contains an experiment for us all to consider.

And we could have another new guest in studio, so who knows what happens after that!

As usual, the studio phone line ( (717) 925-0603 )  will be open, and you can add “Mr. NVT” to your contacts on Skype.  EVERYONE is ENCOURAGED to call in during the show!


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