The K101 Podcast for 26-Dec-2018

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So, here’s the deal. Sorry for the delay in posting this. We are currently having a difficult time getting the video file uploaded to YouTube. Not because we’re blocked or anything – but because somehow the audio file and video file just REFUSE to sync up to the point where it’s not **really** distracting to you, the viewer.

So, while we work the issue out – you can listen to the podcast on STITCHER and iTunes.

The final show of 2018 and we go out with a BANG! The 10 beautiful Ladies of K101 take over NonVanillaTryst Studios and host their own show – sans any of the guys. Yes, the ladies kicked the guys out, and the guys promptly went upstairs where there was WAY TOO MUCH drinking and debauchery. You don’t even have to listen close to hear them destroying “the green room.” At one point, Mr. NVT was even channeling his inner Sam Kinison at the studio door. Unfortunately, the studio doors are not soundproof (yet.)

Nevertheless, the ladies of K101, with ages across just over a generation apart, had a great show, discussed the hierarchy of non-monogamous relationships, dealing with relationship expectations, how our culture has changed concerning those relationships, matched with plenty of other pertinent topics and multiple viewpoints. they really left all of us wanting more.

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