The K101 Podcast for 27-Mar-2019

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This week’s show will be LIVE! CLICK HERE TO JOIN US! As usual, the feed comes up at 6:50PM EST, and we’ll begin the show opener at 7 PM EST! (Note: link goes to YouTube channel until feed goes live, where you will find the link to us.)

Remember, THIS WILL BE A LIVE SHOW!! The K101 Podcast is all about YOU, and we encourage audience participation! So, CALL-IN!! Dial the studio landline (717) 925.0603, or simply add “Mr. NVT” or to your Skype contacts to make an audio call!

DON’T FORGET– we understand not everyone can sit and watch our show in one sitting. SO, if you’re looking to find an audio version of the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast, head on over to, where you can find – and even download – the audio BEFORE other streaming platforms get it. You can always check out our links for Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or iTunes for listening on the go. When searching on your favorite audio platform, look for “the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast.”


In the light of our conversations this past month about play parties, and club etiquette – we thought it would be helpful to revisit what it looks like when seeing a club through the eyes of a new member. Two weeks ago, our dear friend Pineapple Andie who created / manages the (secret) FB group the Pineapple Club, invited us to a party, eNVy and I decided to accept. So we trekked out, visited, and subsequently joined The Korral. This is a members only on-premise club (meaning sex on premises is permitted) that’s somewhat local to us, nestled away in southeast PA. We arrived promptly at 7PM, and after getting a tour of the club, meeting the staff, and a few of the members, a very fun evening for the two of us ensued. Throughout the evening, we learned the following week was their monthly “Kink Night” party, and we decided to return, this time with Veritas, His Happy Pet, and Chapin along for the ride.

Suffice to say, we’ll not just discuss seeing a new club through the eyes of multiple people who have experience in various lifestyles and review the Korral itself, but we’ll also speak with the club’s GM. This will be a great opportunity for YOU, our dear K101 family. We’re looking forward to taking your calls and answering your questions!

For our second topic; if you go back to the 13-Feb-2019 episode, eNVy and I said we were going to do the 30-Day Sex Challenge. (Click the link to see the post.) This episode, we’re going to recap our experience with the challenge, both the positives and the negatives, and open the remainder of the show to an “Ask Me Anything” on the subject. Feel free to browse the list, jot down some questions, and either send us a message, or call in with questions during the show! Nothing is off limits – but be forewarned, don’t be a douche-faucet when asking questions. We’re doing this in an effort to be helpful for those still exploring. Ass-hattery is generally not tolerated.

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