The K101 Podcast for 5-Dec-2018

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Well, we’re winding up 2018 with only a few more shows to go!

We’re launching the new format for the show tonight!  This week is the live show!  (Next week’s show will NOT have a live chat or call in.)  This week we’re going to have our beloved eNVy do a LIVE #AMA, for all things kink / BDSM / swinger / fetish / sex.

DO feel free to chime in with ANY questions you have.  This is your chance, I’m not letting her off the hook on any answers.  **evil grins**

After the #AMA, we’ll just see where the night takes us.  We’ll probably revisit a toy review that we lost in the great YouTube purge of 2018.  On the other hand, depending on how long eNVy’s segment takes, we might just jump to online munch.


The show only goes for about a half hour, and then we return NEXT WEEK with the next show!  Yes, you read that correctly – the K101 Podcast is going to a shorter show, and we’re publishing one every week!

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FINALLY – here’s a bit of great news!

You can download the audio of The NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast from STITCHER now, so you can listen on the go ANYTIME!