The K101 Podcast for 5-June-2019

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Are we half way through the year already?!?!?

Before getting started on this week’s episode, we wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for all your support and love over the last six months. We’ve hit a bunch of milestones, and none of it would be possible without you, the community that we love so much.

We have a great show embedded at the bottom of this post! First, we start a new series here, breaking down the first three items from a GREAT video from YouTuber Nadia Bokody.

Rather than just gloss over and say it’s a great video (spoiler: it IS!) – We felt we could really dig in and cover each item. Being it’s a live show, it also gives you, dear listener, a chance to call in with your questions!

Then we’ll discuss a recent field trip our Date Night munch (and a good chunk of the K101 crew) took to a local strip club. It was Chapin’s first time, and we’ll discuss what it was like going to a strip club when you’re new to the scene.

Finally, we’ll answer a question from a listener, submitted through the K101 Voicemail!

Remember, THIS WILL BE A LIVE SHOW!! The K101 Podcast is all about YOU, and we encourage audience participation! So, CALL-IN!! Dial the studio landline (717) 925.0603, or simply add “Mr. NVT” or to your Skype contacts to make an audio call!

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